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Opportunity Costs

Duncan explains and shows you why Not Taking Action is to your financial detriment.

He takes a very simple real-life example of how you can conservatively triple your small amount of savings in today’s market. It is all by investment leveraging that require little effort or stress.

People into Property

Understand why it is essential to have the right team to get the best results in assisting you to grow your wealth through property investment.

Duncan explains why your wealth-generating investments MUST fit your personal circumstances and not of a 3rd party.

The Property Cycle

Knowing what is happening in the property market is paramount to your success.  We all know the boom cycle cannot be sustained.  It is often followed by a downside, and we have all seen this happen.

Having the right team of experts around you will help you decide when and how to buy based on your goals.

Will you be ready to retire at retirement?

How long will your super fund last in retirement?

Most people will not have sufficient savings from super to live a lifestyle that they are hoping for and will likely need to live off government pensions.

How much do you need in retirement?

Is it possible to retire comfortably by just off your superannuation and savings?   Duncan poises this question using some interesting scenarios.

Would you be able to live comfortably off $1,000 per week after paying bills, food and other expenses?  What about that holiday?

“The Hidden Tax”

The value of money decreases every year.  You are not able to purchase the same item for the same cost in the following year.

This is important to appreciate understand with respect to knowing how to calculate precisely what “$” value you aim to achieve in today’s terms