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Strategic Investors have created a range of information-packed eBooks which we are sure you will enjoy. Our ebooks are regularly updated to ensure they are relevant to the Australian property market.

We have an extensive range of articles that we hope you find helpful.   One of most important articles “Is Property a Good Investment? Pros and Cons Explored“. It’s a must read along with our latest best tips for property investing this year.

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Why Property Investment is "Safe as Houses" Part 2

Houses” Part 2
By popular request, we have written a follow-up ebook with additional tips on how to significantly reduce the risk of property investing.

How to Find Investment Properties that take 10 years off your home loan -Part 2

After great feedback from the first book, Part 1, a follow up eBook was written with more information in how to reduce your home loan fast.

7 Elements to building a Successful Property Portfolio

An essential read for all those learning about the tricks of Property Investing.


How to find investment Properties that take 10 years Off Your Home Loan

The first of a two part eBook showing you how it can help you pay your home offer faster.

6 Safe Investing Rules

A must read for all those beginning on the journey of property investing. 


10 Common Mistakes When Buying Investment Properties Through SMSF

What to look out for when purchasing properties using your Self Managed Super fund?

Step by Step Guide to Purchasing Properties Off-The-Plan

Detailed instructions on how to purchase off the plan properties

Exploring Superannuation to Buy Property: Shares vs Real Estate

Detailed instructions on how to purchase off the plan properties