About Us

Expert mentoring, support and advising for property investors

Our Vision

To create a better lifestyle for everyday Australians by educating, empowering and sharing our property investment methodology that’s repeatable, easy, fun and financially rewarding for all.

Our Mission

Our team serves our members, everyday Australians, to build holistic financial wealth and wellness. Every investor we work with will feel knowledgeable, empowered, and in control and, in doing so, achieve the results you are striving to reach.

Strategic Investors Australia’s team is committed to maintaining the highest professional standards and only complete integrity. We strive to understand your personal goals, boundaries, and financial position, culminating in you receiving an effective personalised and holistic investment strategy that utilises only the highest quality information from a multidisciplinary team of Property Investment Specialists.

Be Inspired

  • We strive to be the best
  • We challenge the norm and seek a better solution
  • We see opportunities where others see problems

Be Committed

  • Members are always our first priority
  • We work harder so you can make more informed choices with your money
  • We are committed to achieving the results we planned

Be Authentic

  • We value integrity and honesty
  • We put your interests first and challenge ourselves to deliver more for you
  • We say what we mean and we deliver results

Be Spirited

  • We fight for you our members
  • We are nimble and determined to stay ahead
  • We think, we question, we act!

Be Focused

  • Our team and partners are committed to making a difference to our member’s future wealth, lifestyle and overall financial wellbeing.

Strategic Investors is a Boutique Service for Property Investors, offering Personalised Strategy, Education and Coaching

We are property investment strategists, educators and coaches who launched our company in 2004. Since then, we have completed in excess of 3,500 investments and trained close to 1,000 people – and all that time, we’ve been continuously refining our methodologies, strategies and processes.

We’re here to help investors like you achieve their life goals by creating an investment strategy that supports you at every stage. No matter how old or young you are, you can lead an amazing and prosperous life, no matter what your financial situation is right now.

At Strategic Investors, we develop and implement highly personalised property investment strategies for members. We use market leading data and investment tools to create models to allow you to understand what you are committing as well as the risks involved. These provide you with a greater understanding of and control over your existing wealth, creating a deeper sense of financial security.

You’ll get support at every stage of the property journey. Mentoring and education focus on the Right Team, the Right Strategy and the Right Property, so you are equipped to make informed strategic long term investment decisions. With the foundations in place, you can progress from buying the first property to building a portfolio.

Our Partners

Why do we work with property specialists business partners?

A team of people can achieve far more than one individual alone.
By having a team of industry-leading specialists working under the one umbrella, we can offer you more expertise, greater choice and an unparalleled range of specialist services.

You can speak directly with experts in strategy, accounting, legal, financial planning and property selection whenever you want or need. You can examine strategy and purchase decisions from all angles, so you can make the right choices from the outset.

Mutual trust and support are foundational values for Strategic Investors – not just for members. Over decades working in property research and investment, we’ve been lucky enough to work with many businesses that not only excel in their respective fields, but also genuinely care about client needs.

We have chosen partners based on expertise, integrity and attitude. They are all ready to work as a team, creating the best possible outcome for you and each individual member.

Strategic Investors is a  boutique Service in Property Investment Strategy Creation, Education, Coaching and Property Acquisition Service.

Strategic Investors specialises in holistic property investment strategies, giving our members greater control over their wealth, a deeper sense of financial security, and a dramatically higher income and net worth at any stage of life.

We provide a turnkey solution to help you

  • Get set up with the right investment strategy and structure
  • Devise the right property accumulation plan for you, consistent with your goals and objectives, and
  • Select the right Property Assets for you, aligned with your personal strategy

A passion for doing the right thing permeates all aspects of Strategic Investors’ behaviour. It shows not just how we deal with you but also how we choose partners. Every Partner of Strategic Investors has the skills and knowledge

Our Core Operating Premise

Strategic Investors has been called the most progressive and forward-thinking property education and mentoring company in Australia.

Our methodology is underpinned by more than a hundred years of hands-on experience in property investment. Yet we don’t rest on our laurels. We continuously improve, adapt to the changing property marketplace, and refine methods to ensure members like you can access the best information and secure the best results possible.

Our Mission is to bring together true professionals in all aspects of property investing to deliver the best possible service for you and every member.

Because when you and your team of experts are on the same page, it makes investing easy and successful.


Your Strategic

Property Investment Team

Quantity Surveyor

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Property Researcher

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Investment Acquisitions

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Financial Advisor

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Legal Advisors

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Property Investment Mentors

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Property Managers

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Property Inspections

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Finance Brokers

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Property Investment Strategists

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Our Personal Promise
to You

We insist on your strategic review being worth every cent you invest in it.

We have no interest in receiving your money without getting you results.

Membership is only offered after a 1-on-1 discussion with you. If you’re not ready and able to commit to property investment, you’re not eligible for membership. Simple as that.

For every member, we will;

  • Give you a realistic yet ambitious strategy for you to achieve your full potential
  • Show you how to create as much wealth as possible for your circumstances
  • Give you total clarity in your direction and create certainty around your future

However, if for any reason you are not thrilled by the insights and strategies we give you, we promise to refund your entire investment immediately.

Meet The Team

Chief Property Investment Strategist

Duncan Yelds

Business Manager
Robert Domanko

Senior Property Strategist
Sam Cavanagh-Ascott

Head Strategist
Lorraine Nielsen

Accountant Advisor
Ian B

Mortgage Financial Specialist
Allen Chan

Principal Market Researcher
Hugh Thyer

Senior Property Strategist
Michael Williams

Senior Property Strategist
Aaron Romein

Property Researcher
Lachlan Yelds

Property Investment Strategist
Dilip Bajaj

Property Manager Consultant
George K

Finance Advice
Mark C

Property Strategist
Gina R

Property Manager Specialist
Vicki L

Kylie B

Property Acquisition Specialist
Brennan L

Legal Advice