Our Exclusive Membership Program

Connecting our members with the Right Team, Right Strategy, Right Education and Right Property.

Choose how you want to work with us – from strategy creation alone to lifetime membership


Every service level we offer starts with the creation of a personalised property investment strategy.

You can enjoy this as a standalone one-off service, or if you’d like support and guidance to implement, plus regular review, you can join our membership program.

Whatever option you choose, we start by establishing clarity – about your current situation and your goals. We use that clarity to tailor-make a sensible, achievable wealth creation strategy using the property as the primary investment vehicle.

You will be empowered to implement the steps outlined in the strategy and support documents. You can choose to implement on your own or become a member of a lifetime program where you will receive full support and guidance to move from strategy to action, investment and ultimately, wealth.

The Key Benefits of the Membership

  • Lifetime Membership
  • Complimentary membership if you are paid member of another program
  • Experience mentors and coaches operating since 2002
  • Guarantee Results
  • Membership is limited to ensure members are being supported
  • Creation of a personalised comprehensive wealth creation strategy plan
  • Access to Strategic Investors’ methodology
  • Access to property investment and finance calculators
  • Property analysis software
  • Access  RP Data
  • Access to sophisticate property research & assessment tool
  • Exclusive investment opportunities
  • Monthly workshop, forums, Q&A sessions, coffee club
  • Access to property investment process and checklist


Strategic Investors Australia’s membership program is the leading and most comprehensive property investment program in Australia today.

It is holistic and collaborative, with so much value provided through educational and mentoring activities. Not only is there an exhaustive interactive property training course, there are also regular workshops, weekly Q&A sessions, plus much more.

In-Depth Personal Assessment

A key foundation of any wealth strategy is to know your ‘true’ existing and expected personal and financial future. The Strategic Investors team know exactly the probing questions to ask. Your answers and the insights they give may surprise you!

Personalised Strategy Creation

Working with the Strategic Investors team of experts, you’ll develop a detailed holistic investment strategy that aligns with your individual circumstances and needs.

Coaching and Mentoring

Engaging with a coach is fundamental to success in any field.  Your coach will guide you through the mechanics of investing.  Your mentor brings a wealth of experience and will guide you through the often emotional journey of investing

Knowledge & Education

Our membership program offers comprehensive courses, Q&A sessions, open forums, monthly workshops and social coffee clubs. These are all designed to support you in educating yourself on how best to go about property investing safely.