Our Licences & Qualifications

Enjoy the security of working with a licensed and compliant team

The property investment industry has a poor reputation due to limited to non-existent industry oversight and regulation.  A person with no qualifications, no licence and no actual investing experience can still position themselves as an “expert”.

This is incredibly concerning.  We at Strategic Investors have seen first-hand the disastrous impact on investors of these so-called “Experts”.   Families and individuals may lose their life savings or find themselves in positions where they realise no wealth from their investments.

Strategic Investors operate differently.  We are not only fully compliant with all relevant Australian laws and licencing requirements, we are also registered and accredited with a number of the relevant bodies for property and finance activities.

No one person or organisation can be an expert in every aspect of the property – which is why our model is built on a team of experts advising you.  We select and vet our partners rigorously, a process that includes checking their registrations and licences.  In those specialities where there is no licensing or qualification at all, we assess based on experience, reputation and the judgement of a trusted panel.

You can relax in the confidence that our partners and we have all the licences, qualifications and experience to assist in your property decisions.  We understand all too well that these can be life-changing.  Our licences and those of our partners are your promises that your personal situation will not be compromised and that life changes as a result of investing with us will be positive.

You are at liberty to select your own team of advisers, whether working with us or not; however, we urge you to ensure that you choose carefully.


Strategic Investor’s Licences, Registrations, Acceditations & Memberships

At Strategic Investors, we continually update our governance model to ensure we comply with the highest standards and processes.

A robust governance framework ensures our values, ethics, culture, behaviour, industry compliance, accountability, risk management plans and decision-making processes are followed and maintained to the highest level at all times.

In addition, we work with external industry and regulatory organisations to keep up with and prepare for industry changes.

Below is a list of our registrations, accreditations and memberships.

If you have questions about experience, qualifications or accreditation in a specific discipline, please contact us for more information.

→  Australian Business (ABN 649 097 647)

→ NSW Real Estate Licence ( Agent no. 03688457)

→ Australian Credit Licence ( 03076967)