The Property Wealth Generation Journey

The “Ah Huh” moment!

As a child, you dream of being an astronaut, a sports hero, a movie star.

But as you grow, life happens to you. The further you advance, the more you find that the conditions of your life mould you in a particular way.

There are many reasons most of us don’t become who we wanted to be as a child.

A few of us have made it. A few more are going in the direction of their dreams. More often than not, it’s by sheer luck!

For most of us, our dreams won’t happen without our individual personal intervention.

We drift through life.

Then there’s that moment. You hear the story of a successful person fulfilling those childhood dreams. The story tells how that person had a vision, pursued it and succeeded through hard work, education and persistence.

You reflect. You tell yourself that you could do the same.

It’s your “Ah-ha MOMENT !!!”

With luck, you discover Strategic Investors!

With luck, you discover Strategic Investors at about the same time.

Each of us on the Strategic Investors team has experienced this life-changing “AHA” moment. Each of us has risen to the challenge and exceeded our dreams.

All of us are working (it feels like playing) in industries we enjoy. Roles that bring us happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction.

Our team share and understand the driving force you’re feeling. We know the kind of success you are looking for.

We will listen to you intently, to understand your dreams. We will share our own journeys of discovery. The common thread which binds our team together is one of mentorship, continuous education and support.

We believe that you too can achieve your dreams.

At Strategic Investors we want to inspire you – motivate you – make you uncomfortable enough to WANT to change NOW!

Our own personal histories show that you and people like you can achieve your dreams. It’s not easy. But your own efforts and hard work, adequately supported, can massively increase your chances of success.

Strategic Investors supports you in that. Our holistic, collaborative approach includes the creation of total clarity, a detailed action plan, education, mentoring and support, all providing you with a clear path to achieving your personal goals.

Since 2002 we have helped thousands of Australians to achieve their goals.
We look forward to supporting, guiding and inspiring you.

Future Life Gazing

Building your future lifestyle. financial independence, security

  • We all enter early adulthood with dreams and aspirations. We have a vision of the path our life should take. We all want the security of lifestyle at a certain level.

    To achieve that future you want, you’ll need a strategy and plan. So you start by looking at how to achieve these aspirations.


Finding the right wealth creation vehicle

Research on Wealth Creation Programs

  • There are so many ways to fund your future lifestyle, from working for an employer to speculating on the share market, to building a property portfolio. All have their advantages. And you’re not limited to one option. But history has shown that property investment is a consistently high-performing strategy for wealth creation.

    Investing in property to build your lifestyle has its risks. Selecting the right partner is paramount to reducing risk and achieving results..

Identify the Right Partner

Assessing Strategic Investors’ Capability

  • In property as in any big life decision, you need to be comfortable with your partner.
  • We conduct regular webinars so you can see Strategic Investors in action. There’s no commitment at this stage. We typically run a 45-minute Property Investment Strategy Briefing, where you can judge our capability while you learn.
  • If you like what you see, we catch up one-to-one.
Selecting the Right partner

Assess Mutual Compatibility

  • The webinar is just a taste of Strategic Investors. At a one-to-one session with a director of the company, there’s a deeper meeting of minds. We discuss our mutual aspirations and decide whether we have the compatibility to succeed in a long-term partnership.
  • Then it’s time to start the real work.
Creating the Wealth Platform

Understanding all Aspects of Oneself

  • This phase begins by clarifying your short- and long-term goals and the strategy to attain them. You build a genuine understanding of your own financial position and begin learning about property investing, behaviour patterns, cash flow and more. It’s a phase of detailed work where you will undertake a thorough financial assessment; clarify your personal goals; meet a range of experts, and commence a coaching program. It is the first step in building a successful investment strategy.
Building upon your Decision-Making Skills

Knowledge Building & Tapping into Experienced Experts

  • Access to experts and support to acquire knowledge is crucial in preparing your property investment strategy.  As a Strategic Investors Member, you enhance your knowledge and gain insights via our courses, rules and guidelines; access to our experts; forums and weekly Q&A sessions, and regular reports.  It’s all there to ensure you are well-positioned and can make the right choices.

Preparing for Wealth Creation

Strategy Development and Planning

  • At this stage, you and your Strategic Investors team will review all the information collected and prepared.  In consultation with you, they will develop a Property Investment Strategy and Plan tailored to your goals, lifestyle, aspirations and financial circumstances.

Readying for Property Investment

Building Legal and Financial Foundations

  • You must have the right legal and financial structures in place before you proceed to property investing. At this stage, we help you set up trusts, companies or other structures, depending on your unique circumstances.
Starting the Wealth Creation Process

Identifying Suitable Property Investments

  • Using the Strategic Investors methodology and guidelines, supported by expert coaches, you will be able to start finding a property investment that matches your strategy.


  • Following the process we have developed over decades minimises risk and increases the likelihood and size of your success significantly.

Acquiring and Managing your Wealth

Protecting your Property Investment

  • Purchasing an investment property is not the last step in the process but the commencement of a new phase. You now need to protect your property investment by effective management and continuous review and analysis. 
  • Regular assessments and constant refining and updating of your strategy mean you take the changing marketplace environment into account.
ReViewing your Property Wealth Strategy

Refining your Strategy to Accommodate Life Changes

  • Your life circumstances change, sometimes unexpectedly. Marriage, separation, children. Ill health or redundancy. Promotion. A windfall inheritance. 
  • When your life changes, your strategy needs to change too. Membership of Strategic Investors includes not just regular reviews, but the option for complete reassessment when it’s needed.