5 Property Investment Property Plan

This 5 Property Investment Plan is designed to show the potential of using equity from property investments and small amount of saving to create equity and eventual income.  The key to this investment strategy is to have an initial investment deposit plus choosing the right investment.

To see how the model works, enter amounts in the grey cells and see the results.

5-Property Plan and our Methodology working together.

Strategic Investors believe that incorporating the 5-Property-Plan with our Methodology will over the medium to longer term provide you with a lifestyle allowing you to live comfortably.

The plan will allow you to grow your wealth, providing you with financial security into the future.

We believe that each and every asset should serve a purpose in your developing portfolio and in doing so allow you to:

  • Maintain your portfolio’s financial needs and supports its growth
  • Have the ability to reward yourself and “live a life you desire”
  • Be able to maintain your day-to-day lifestyle “without compromise”
  • Position yourself for non-reliance on the Government in your “lifestyle years”

To build your property portfolio – Our strategy embraces the concepts of;

  • Financial leverage & Equity growth
  • Embracing market conditions and movements.
  • Stable and increasing serviceability & Utilisation of all possibly Government Incentives.

Strategic Investors – believes that True wealth will come from developing a 5-Property portfolio over a 5-10 year period, and then by allowing time and the market to “do its thing” the portfolio will over a 15 to 20 year period provide the cash flow (income replacement) and equity (money for the “bucket list”) allowing to realise the goals and dreams you have as part of your strategy