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Since 2002 the Strategic Investors team has coached and mentored nearly 1,000 individuals and couples (with more than 700 joining our lifetime mentoring program) to acquire over 3,500 investment properties, with a total value in excess of $1.4 billion.

The team has helped members and clients grow their property portfolios successfully during all stages of our economy. We have a holistic approach to property investing using various strategies depending on the market, the economy and your needs.

Whether you are a seasoned property investor or just starting out, whether you are a young adult, an established couple or newly divorced, it has been shown that you are more likely to reach greater heights with a good coach.

As a member of the Strategic Investors Membership Program, you will have exclusive access to some of Australia’s smartest financial and property experts. You will get personalised strategy sessions from various team members as well as 1-on-1 coaching and guidance.

Strategic Investors Membership Program


The Strategic Investors Membership program is an all-encompassing education and support program, unlike any other program in Australia.

The three key fundamentals of our program are;

  • Education and coaching in all aspects of property investment and more
  • Access to a community of experts who know your circumstances and analyse all opportunities from your perspective
  • Most importantly, the development of a personalised long term property investment strategy that matches your current circumstances and your future goals.

You will be coached not by just one person but by a team who will empower and support you during your journey of property investment.

Our goal at Strategic Investors is to ensure that the path of property investing does not burden or become an unmanageable liability.

We focus not only on the financial aspects but on your total well-being,

A key aspect of our service is the provision to members of a holistic personal growth program that utilises learnings from Anthony Robbins and Dale Carnegie.


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