Create, Grow and Sustain
Stronger Investment Strategies

Tap into a diverse team of wealth creation experts.

Why choose Strategic Investors?

Work with the Strategic Investors team to create, grow and sustain a Personalised Investment Wealth Strategy.

Working with Strategic Investors isn’t like working with any other property education organisation, property investment management company, mortgage broker, financial advisor, or real estate manager. Here are just a few reasons why you should work with us.

We specialise

We have high-calibre strategists, researchers and specialist experts, all working together using a proven methodology. That’s how we achieve exceptional results for our clients.

We have a holistic approach

Investing impacts all aspects of your life. We at Strategic Investors undertake a comprehensive assessment and review so we understand completely your short, medium and long-term lifestyle goals and can help you achieve them.


You have a whole team working with you and for you

We’re not just one individual. Our highly regarded team members are all tertiary educated, qualified, registered, and based in Australia. Many have decades of real-life experience. Collectively, they have the wisdom of centuries!

Knowledge is power

We believe completely that an informed, educated client is able to make better decisions and be in control of their outcomes. Our program provides access to world-class education, information, workshops and tools to support you on your journey. 

We help our investors by offering


Experts in all aspects of property investing have come together to build a relevant, up-to-date education program and support structure giving you an unfair advantage.

Mentoring & Coaching

You will have access to a team who not only mentors you, but actually undertake property investing themselves, using the Strategic Investors methodology.

Systems and Processes

Our team are responsive and experienced, using our streamlined methodology to help you to create the optimum property investment strategy, plan and execution.


Each team member is specialised in one specific area. Combining the power of these specialisations to work for you amplifies the results.

What our clients are saying

Kylie Bazzi

I have dealt with Duncan for a few years now and I can honestly say he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He actually cares about each and every client he works for, he always wants the best outcome for each client at any cost which is rare to find in our industry. his knowledge and experience is also outstanding.

Thank you Duncan for all your support and I hope to support you for many years to come on a personal and professional level.

Jess Lai

I have worked with a number of buyers agents and Duncan is by far the most genuine and helpful. Unlike other agents who typically pressure you to make urgent and uninformed purchases, his focus is on making a considered purchase at the right time for my circumstance. His approach involves providing his clients with the education to make their own decisions, while of course also providing his own advice. Throughout the purchasing process, Duncan ensured that I had support at each stage and was available to answer all my questions and concerns. His approach is also very transparent, which I appreciated.

I definitely felt that I was in safe hands while making such a big life decision, and would purchase through Duncan again.
Cannot recommend him enough, thanks Duncan!

Sean Daly

Professional service with a personalised touch. Duncan continues to take care of my needs and support me in every way. I feel that I have a dynamic network of people behind me, helping me forward on my investment journey. Duncan is the key central figure in the whole network. He has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined when we first met. He is a genuine man who enjoys helping others: a rare find. I am overwhelmingly grateful for the day I started my journey with Duncan. Thank you.

Who we work with

We typically work with people who are motivated by more than just money.
Our clients have big goals and ambitions, and we start here.

  • Investing is not a means to an end.


  • To be successful, it has to underpin the goals and dreams you have for your life.


If you have the passion, we will support you.

Starting Out

The earlier you start your investing journey, the better.

If you’re younger, you can set aggressive goals, so in 10 years, you’ll have more options and choices than the people around you.

You’re never too young to start investing. In fact, the best results come from people who started investing as early as they could.

First Time Investors

If you haven’t invested before, you’re in luck!

Most first-time investors don’t invest for the right reasons. They invest without linking their strategy to their goals. Instead of supporting their growth, their investment becomes a liability slowing them down.

This short-term thinking is why most Australian investors start investing but never complete their journey.

People who have invested and are now stuck

If you’ve tried investing before but never moved beyond your first property, then don’t worry. It’s not your fault. Most investors are stuck at this point because they don’t link their investing to their goals.

When you align your investment to your goals, you won’t see think of it as ‘something on the side’. Instead, it will be driving you forward to your goals. You’ll see results as you go, and you will begin to implement the next steps in your strategy.

When your strategy is aligned with your life plan, it will become natural to continue forwards.

Wanting to get the best out of your portfolio

This is a time in your life when money becomes paramount. Many people in their 30s and 40s find themselves with high incomes and lots of expenses.

Mortgage payments. Living expenses. Loans and school fees. They all eat into your money, and you cannot focus on longer-term goals.

The good news is there are many strategies to improve on the results you are achieving – with only what you already have.

Amplifying your results

Everyone says they want to retire early, but very few actually do anything about it.

Amplifying your results is all about creating a strategy, a structure and a team that support you.

We can look at your goal of retiring early and help you towards it.

Alternatively, your goal may be to drop back to part-time or to be able to work on something you’re passionate about instead of chasing money. Whatever the vision, clarity about your strategy, structure and team is imperative.

Downsizing and investing for lifestyle

If you’ve retired or are about to retire, don’t assume it’s too late. Depending on your circumstances, leveraging your portfolio to boost your income and your lifestyle can still be very achievable.

It may not be too late.

Why People Ask Us For Help

Investing is not just about making money.
Here are a few reasons people want to work with us.

Take control of your life and decisions instead of letting circumstances dictate what you do

For most people, decisions are dictated by circumstances you can’t control:

  • Paying your mortgage takes 20 years or more
  • Your income is set by how much you earn

The idea of quitting your job and ‘retiring early’ is usually just a dream which has no chance of happening.

The good news is, with clearly defined goals and a strategy to achieve them, you can take control of your life.

You can be in control of your decisions instead of being a victim of your circumstances.

Raise your family on your terms

With the right financial resources behind you, raising a family can be richly rewarding. This could mean:

  • Sending your children to the school of your choice.
  • Being able to support their hobbies and passions, no matter the cost.
  • Working fewer hours so you can spend more with them.

If your children feature strongly in your goals, we can help you with this.

Creates a more prosperous retirement

Did you know that a third of Australian retirees live below the poverty line?

And as many as 40% of people are forced into early retirement because of injury, sickness and forced layoffs.

If you don’t have a substantial amount put away, you’re likely to find your retirement years tough. So if your goal is to retire with ample money and income, let us help you make this happen.

You probably want to enjoy your retirement years, travel and reward yourself for years of hard work without budgeting every last dollar. You may want more than this. Let’s talk about how we can make that happen.

More Fun

One of our values is to help put a smile on people’s faces. We enjoy working with people who have big goals and are passionate about their lives. You can’t have much fun chained to your job with no money in the bank – especially if you can’t see any possibility of this getting better.

New holidays, new experiences and helping your favourite charities are richly rewarding. I’m sure you agree that wealth means more than just money in the bank.

Whether it’s learning and exploring, giving back to society or supporting your children, we can help you achieve your goals.

How We Help You Achieve Your Goals

We start by spending a lot of time looking who you are, where you want to go, and most importantly where you’re at right now.

We dig deep into what you want from your life and what your vision is for 2, 5 and 10 years from now.

This might include financial goals; career goals, family goals, or plans to travel.

Once we’re clear on this, we go through a detailed questionnaire to create even more clarity on the first steps to take. Then we look at your financial situation, fix any issues and confirm your financial ability to invest.

We combine this with your goals to create a solid, sustainable, workable investing strategy.

Only then do we look at various investment options.

Most investment companies start by pitching property. But our experience shows that the actual properties you invest in are irrelevant until and unless the strategic work has been done.

Putting your strategy first will deliver a plan that gets you to your goals faster and with more certainty.

Best of all, this approach is entirely flexible.
We review your goals and your strategy regularly – because your goals will almost certainly change over the years, and as they do, so will your strategy.


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