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Client Success Stories

Paula & Zen a young couple able to refinance their home and were able to buy a $600,000 investment yielding 5% (4/2/2 – t/house ) and putting cash in their bank each week after making the move away from the bank to a specialist finance broker

Paul & Zen - Refinancing & Investment Strategy

Caroline & Phil a middle-aged couple with three kids and three properties hit the brick wall after creating a strategy and rearranging finances client is now on the way to completing the five property plan

Using their home equity to purchase 5 investment properties in 7 years

Bob And Carol an older couple sound their five bedroom family home to stop the kids coming back and invest in three $500,000 properties in three different states the cash flow now allows them to live in a two bedroom apartment on the coast and relax – no yard work!

Bob & Carol

Trish a single mum realises that after restructuring her finances that she can keep the family home and also invest into a three bedroom townhouse yielding 5 1/2%


Harry at 19 years of age he secured his first property with $630,000 and another $60,000 in grants and benefits from the government yes he will live there for 12 months and then turn it into an investment property the area is already giving a 6% plus yield he is well on his way to securing his second property by the end of 22

Harry - Under 20 and already looking fir his 2nd investment

Helen in her mid-50’s secures a four bedroom townhouse for $630,000 will rent at 5% and has already grown by 100,000 significantly better return than her retail super fund

Helen - using SMSF

Renovate to add value and rental return
Robert & Belinda sells family home for 2.4 mil finds a new well located apartment to live in – while securing a $1,400,000 a 3 bed home with shed out the back strategy to spend $250,000 renovating the house from 3 to 5 bedroom and turn the shed into a granny flat current estimated value $2.2 mil and a rental return of $1,500 per week we will suit owner occupier or investor.

Robert & Belinda

Strategy rent where you want to live -and Invest where you can afford to!

Peter a single guy secures a high cash flow property $650,000 with 10 year lease in place as an investment and now continues to rent where he wants to in Sydney.


Couple in their late 20,s with one child secured their first home $595,000 with all grants in place AND their happy – yes it’s not in Sydney – but – When we laid out the strategy together they realised that home ownership in Sydney with their lower incomes and deposit that it simply want to going to happen – so they made the move to the Gold Coast and are planning their next property purchase

Sue & Max

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