Success in Property Investing is NOT just luck!

Everlasting success comes from having:

  • the right understanding of property investment
  • the right methodology
  • the right mindset and
  • the right team

Our members have an unfair advantage when it comes to creating an investment portfolio.


Australia’s best property investment mentoring program.

Join this exclusive program and gain access to some of Australia’s leading coaches, mentors, strategists and property specialists. PLUS, tools, reports, rules, guidelines, data and much more.

Our market-leading experts provide insightful property market information that is envied by our competitors.

Our fundamental premise is to ensure that our members get the very best information FIRST!

We believe in connecting you to the right team, creating the right strategy for you through education, knowledge and information, and then supporting you to invest in the right properties.

Get an advantage over everyone else investing in property.


A variety of property investment and personal development courses to expand your knowledge and use advanced adaptive strategies.


Every month we run a 4-hour workshop to discuss one or more aspect of property development, including, amongst other things how mindset helps in being successful in property investing.

Mentoring Program

We provide coaching and mentoring services for each member to support you in your journey.  You will have access to industry-specific experts guiding you on your requirements based on your individual position.

Market Intelligence Reports

Our extensive team of experts provide up-to-date regular exclusive market property investing information and reports. 

Checklists & Guidelines

Get access to checklists, guidelines and step-by-step instructions so you can proceed confidently in property investing.

Weekly Q & A

Each week we have industry specialists available for our members to ask questions.

Tools & Calculators

We have developed a range of tools and property investment calculators that you can use during your due diligence prior to investing.

Portfolio Manager

We have created a comprehensive platform where you can manage all your property finances in one location. It’s an effective tool when talking to finance and accounting partners.

Strategy Development

A Personal Property Investment Strategy will be created with you to support you on your investment journey.

Coffee Club

A fortnightly catch-up where we enjoy informal discussion on all things property investing.

We find this one of the best ways to network and learn from each other.

Access To Industry Leaders

As a member, you have direct access to ask industry questions about your personal circumstances.

Easy As 1…2…3…

There’s no better time than NOW to join our growing community. Even if you just register as a complimentary member, so you can start experiencing what members are raving about