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Our property investment specialists work seamlessly with you to create, enhance, plan, and implement your individualised wealth property investment strategy to build your property investment portfolio over 5-10 years.

At Strategic Investors we pride ourselves on our continued success to all our clients. We pay attention to your needs, and you’ll find us refreshingly different to work with from every angle.

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Our holistic team of property industry specialists including strategists, researcher educators and mentors bring decades of knowledge experience and guidance in creating the RIGHT Property Investment Strategy for you to create a lifestyle you deserve.

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We create Smarter Investors through Smarter Investments by Connecting YOU with the Right Team creating the Right Strategy with the Right Knowledge & Education – eventually securing The Right Properties.

The Strategic Investor’s Method

“Guided and Supported me over 7-years to build my build property portfolio”

“My wife and I met Duncan from Strategic Investors some 10 years ago. Working as an electrician, living in the burb’s, we had saved a small amount. With the guidance and support from Strategic Investors, we were able to purchase 5 investment properties.   Thanks, Strategic Investors”

    Trish & Ashok


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