The Importance of Eduction

Our Holistic Collaborative Team Approach to Education

Our education program has been developed by a multi-disciplinary team of industry specialists over the last 20 years

When you become a member of the Strategic Investor family you will have exclusive access to some of the smartest and innovative strategic minds in Australia.

There is no one part of the team more important than the other.  In our mentoring program you will receive personalised sessions from the team, ensuring that  every aspect of your journey and plan is working in synergy

Whether you are just starting out, a seasoned property investor, a young adult, single, widowed or divorced it has been documented widely that with a good coach, mentor and team can make all the difference.

Our education programs provides our clients, industry leading resources, up-to-date market data, and access to professional and experienced Property Mentors, Coaches and Strategists.


Our Member Program


Strategic Investors Member programs is all-encompassing in nature and is unlike any other program in Australia.

The three key fundamentals of our programs are

  • Education and knowledge,
  • Mentoring and coaching,
  • Clarity through strategy and planning.

These dovetails into the most important aspects in the development of your successful long term investment strategy, and most importantly considers your current circumstances and future goals.

Your multi disciplinary team will empower and support you during your journey.

Our goal at Strategic Investors is to ensure that the path of strategic investing does not burden or become an unmanageable liability.

We focus on all financial aspects as well as your total well being.

A key aspect of our service to our clientele is the access to multiple personal growth programs included but not limited to Anthony Robins, Dale Carnegie and Landmark.