Loan Comparison  Calculator

Use this Loan Refinance Analysis Calculator when you are thinking of changing loan providers.

To make the comparison, we need a few key pieces of information. Please provide the following details for each loan option you want to compare:

Loan amount: The total amount you plan to borrow.

Interest rate: The annual interest rate offered by the lender.

Original Loan term: The length of the loan in years or months.

Repayment Frequency:   Either weekly or monthly

Months Paid:  How monthly repayments

Mortgage Annual Fees:  The current fees paid

New Mortgage Amount:   The new amount to be borrowed

New Term:  The length of the term of the loan

Repayment Frequency:  This may impact the overall loans repayments and fees

New Mortgage Annual Fees:  There often is additional administration fees charged 

Application Fees:  There may/will be a range of potential fees

Exit Fees:  Often there are exit fees to discharging the original loan

Once you provide the details for each loan option, I can calculate and compare the monthly payments, total interest paid, and other relevant information.

Please note, that this should be checked by your Financial Advisor.